Old Boys

Clifton School was founded in 1924.


The College was established in 2002. This was a significant development for the school which can now offer a quality, all round education for day boys from Grade R to Matric.  It has become increasingly relevant to have a strong Old Boys influence and participation in the school.

The primary aim of the Clifton Old Boys Association (COBWEB) is to promote and encourage interaction and networking between the Old Boys with a view to building a stronger community. We are hoping to have representation on the Clifton Board of Directors in the future, which will enable us to further our aims and to essentially ‘preserve the best of the past’.

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As Chairman, I am delighted to be able to represent the Clifton Old Boys and will endeavour to use this as a forum for Old Boys' input regarding the School.

We encourage Old Boys to get involved.

Prodesse Quam Conspici

Byron Johnstone

Our Old Boys

Look at the table below to find some of your old friends and reconnect.

Surname Name Tenure Occupation
Adams Ian 1958 - 1959 Engineer Retired
Amod Muhammad 2007 - 2014 Medical Student
Appelgryn Luke 2012 - 2016 Student
Baitz Jon robin (I go by "Robbie") 1972 - 1974 Playwright/Screenwriter
beckworth warren 2003 - 2006 king of the world
Foster Shaun 2008 - 2012 Masters Student
Hampson ROWAN 1958 - 1963 Motor mechanic
Herd-Hoare Sean 2005 - 2013 Rhodes Masters student (Geography)
Keary Nick 1987 - 1994 Insurance Broker
Kopsch Martin 2003 - 2008 Owner of Silver Cage Jewellery stores
Mitchell Matthew 2003 - 2007 Geography teacher
Mitchell Matthew 2003 - 2007 Teacher
Narramore Andrew 2008 - 2012 Article Clark and Masters Student
O'Dowd Nick 1996 - 2007 I.T. Systems Engineer
Philip Michael 1953 - 1956 Retired
Riley Rowan 1984 - 1989 Construction manager
Roberts Thorin 1985 - 1992 Financial Director at Concrete Projects
Rose Guy 1951 - 1953 Literary agent
Saayman Jason 2004 - 2009 Teacher
Sims Rolf Francis 1973 - 1979 Legal adviser
Wallden Jaime 1976 - 1980 Estate Agent (Sussex, England)
Wallden Justin 1976 - 1980 Estate Agent (Sussex, England)
Walters Joshua 2011 - 2015 Student
Waterton Adrian Peter 1969 - 1971 Managing Director - Medical Devices

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