Preparatory School Prize Giving Ceremony 2018

30 November 2018 in General

2018 Sport and Cultural Prize Winners

Peter Dykins Athletics Trophy:  Sebastian Dreyer
Belgica trophy for Chess Player of the Year:  Keyur Naidoo
Rod Lamont Cricket Trophy (cricketer of the year):  Joseph Rey
Cross-country Trophy:  Al'lanzo Cassim
Hockey Player of the Year:  Kyle Thomas
Rod Lamont Rugby Trophy (rugby player of the year):  Caine Letschert
Michael Pearson Senior Swimming Trophy:  Jonathan Hoarau and Caine Letschert
Michael Tack Open Tennis Challenge Trophy:  Joseph Rey
Water Polo Player of the Year:  Caine Letschert
Ronald Collins Award for Sportsmanship:  Nathan Shotland
Clifton Trophy for the Sports All-rounder of the year:  Joshua Kennedy
Dorothy Grindrod Trophy For Sportsman of the Year:  Caine Letschert and Joseph Rey

Cultural awards

Kassier Family Trophy:  Michael Langston
Rose Visser Trophy for Poetry:  Yashwant Naidoo
Mann Family Trophy:  Joshua Perkins
Marc Jones Music Trophy:   Jonathan Meyer    
Anthony Rider Award:  Alexander Christie-reardon
Cole Hodgson Trophy:  Al'lanzo Cassim and Kyle Thomas

Subject prizes        

Afrikaans Trophy:  Michael Langston
Art Trophy:  Alexander Christie-Reardon and Daniel Neethling
Technology Trophy:  Kyle Thomas
Economic Management Science Trophy:  Michael Langston
Dorothy Williamson English Trophy:  Michael Langston        
Geography Trophy: Michael Langston    
Dorothy Williamson History Trophy:  Caine Letschert
ISizulu Trophy:  Ramotshere Moilwa
Morrison Mathematics Award:  Michael Langston
Hewat Trophy for Mathematics:  Michael Langston
Michael Balladon Science Trophy:  Michael Langston    
Elijah Gcaba Fellowship Trophy: Rorisang Molefe
Jack Shave Trophy: Dhiyarv Govender

Top three Academic performances

Third in Grade Seven: Caine Letschert    
Fernandes Trophy for Dux Proxime:  Ahmed Kharwa
David McCall Trophy for Dux:  Michael Langston 

Michael Langston  Ahmed Kharwa  Caine Letschert