Message from the College Principal's Desk

25 May 2017 in General

Reflections and Ramblings

We are a week away from the mid-year examinations and the boys and staff have been preparing themselves for these. The Grades 10, 11 and 12 boys start writing their May/June Examinations on Monday 29 May. The Grade 9’s follow on Tuesday and the Grade 8’s on the Wednesday of the same week. The Grade Heads will also go over the procedures with their respective grades in the school and what is expected of them. The College has posted a May/June Examination Procedures booklet on the WebDAV and on the website under “Calendars and Fixtures” and attached a copy of the timetable as well. The procedure followed is what the IEB expects for the Grade 12 Senior Certificate Examinations. Time will tell how the boys have done and we wish them all the best. Just a reminder that all the normal extramural activities continue and the boys have no excuse to miss any of these because they are studying. This Co-Curricular Examination timetable is also out and is available on the D6 for easy access. They boys do have enough time to prepare, and healthy exercise is good for them. Further information will be sent to you in this regard.

In preparing for the examinations I would like refer you to three tips (which I have given out before) which will help your sons to study effectively.

Where? A place which is quiet and comfortable – but not too much so.

When? Half hour sessions should be used. The boys should give themselves breaks and rewards for covering sections. They should self-test, or ask you or a friend to test their memory. They should tackle the worst part first or the hardest subject first – then it becomes easier as you carry on.

How? Use mnemonics e.g.: spelling of rhythm … Rick hates yoghurt that has mould! Encourage them to make spider diagrams, re-work examples in Maths and Science. Use numbers to help them remember – e.g. 4 causes of war, 5 results.

The hockey and rugby games last week, against Michaelhouse and George Campbell, showcased sportsmanship, and what is good and special about schoolboy games/sport. The games were played in a good spirit – hard and fair, including good camaraderie afterwards. Both the hockey and rugby sides did very well and it was encouraging to see the way in which the ‘B’ sides played their games; showing passion, commitment and enjoyment.

As a parent, one is often challenged by what is affecting the lives of our boys and how we can best help them. Mr Grant Bell, the Director of Rugby, sent me the following link about sport which makes for interesting reading, and supports what Mr White commented on in a previous Calling article. The site link is:

On the staffing front we are busy interviewing for certain teaching positions in the College. Dr Bowley, as some of you already know, has been appointed as the Principal of St Benedict School, in Pinetown, and we congratulate her on her new appointment. After 19 years at Clifton, in both the Prep and College, we will be sad to see her go at the end of the term but wish her well. Mr McKay will also be leaving Clifton, at the end of the year, to take up a position at Michaelhouse. Both teachers have and are still playing an important role at Clifton and we thank them for their contribution to Clifton.

Enjoy your weekend!