Building continues at Clifton in 2018

10 January 2018 in General

The building programme maintains momentum into 2018. After the opening of the Brian Mitchell Square last year, the focus has moved across to the College campus. The building of Lambert House will continue in the New Year. This will be a modern, spacious classroom block complete with 11 classrooms including a Science Block and the facility to address large group sessions. 


The new canteen to be part of this development will spill out on to our Founders’ Lawns giving our boys a modern, luxurious leisure area. Boys from both the Prep and the College will be able to enjoy this new addition.

The plan is still to demolish the staff quarters next to the new Media Centre and remove all boundary walls and fences to our properties in Venice Road. This will create more flow and afford our boys more areas in which to “chill”.

From 2018, the new Media Centre will present boys with the opportunity to do research, learn through discussion and select books for their reading pleasure. The Knowles family are currently residing in our recently acquired property in Rosetta Road.

The gym on Innes Road will now be used exclusively by Clifton boys. Oliver Cash will direct operations at the gym, tailor made for the physical needs of our young men. The property next to the church in Lambert Rd provides parking space for our buses, parents and visitors. Founders’ House has been refurbished to take pride of place on our campus. 

In all, the school will continue to grow amidst the traditional homely surroundings that are so much a part of our character and unique environment.