The term dates for 2018 follow. Please note that the starting date of the First Term is 12 January for all boys in Grade 8; 15 January for all boys in Grades R and 1; 16 January for the rest of the school. Similarly, the mid-year holiday ends on 17 July for the Matrics, when they join Winter School, and on 24 July for the rest of the school. Parents are urged not to arrange holidays during term time.


First Term

Tuesday 16 January
Wednesday 28 March

Friday 23 February - Monday 26 February (inclusive): Half-Term
Wednesday 21 March: Human Rights Day

Second Term

Tuesday 17 April
Friday 22 June

Friday 27 April: Freedom Day
Monday 30 April: School Holiday
Tuesday 1 May: Workers' Day
Saturday 16 June: Youth Day

Third Term

Tuesday 17 July / Monday 23 July
Friday 21 September

Thursday 9 August: Women's Day
Friday 10 August: School Holiday
Friday 7 and Saturday 8 September: Founders' Weekend

Fourth Term

Wednesday 3 October
Wednesday 5 December

2019 Term Dates