Grades 4 - 7

Senior Preparatory

The Senior Preparatory School empowers our boys to use knowledge in a variety of contexts.

We encourage them to make connections between school and the wider society, we ensure that they develop as confident, fulfilled and excited participants in the learning process, and we trust that their experiences at Clifton will mean that they continue to learn throughout their lives.

Clifton distinguishes itself by having a number of specialist teachers who are able to provide high levels of expertise in many learning areas to small classes. These teachers constantly liaise with class teachers to ensure that learning experiences are holistic rather than fragmented. As the boys move up into the higher grades, specialist teaching is offered in English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, Mathematics, Geography, History, the Natural Sciences, Media Science, Design Technology, Information Technology, Art, Drama, Music, Entrepreneurship, Life Orientation, Physical Education and Thinking Skills.

Although Clifton follows the national curriculum, our specialist teachers enable the boys to go far beyond these parameters. We recognize that we are living in a time of rapid change and that new challenges will constantly be presented to our boys. In educating them for a changing world, we emphasize the need for the acquisition of self-study skills to equip them for lifelong learning.

Our focus of leadership is practical and inclusive and encompasses community partnerships which link our school to the wider community in meaningful ways.

The Clifton day is a full one and your son will be busy.


We believe that participation in sport at a competitive and social level is a cornerstone of a young boy's development.

The innovative and modern sporting curriculum that has been developed for our boys from Grade R to Grade 12 introduces your son to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and provides him with a sporting experience that will encourage him to make exercise a lifelong activity. We provide excellent coaching at an appropriate level to ensure all boys achieve their potential on the sports field, whilst the large number of teams in all our major sports ensures that every boy is given the chance to represent his school at a competitive level.

Sports Include:

  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Water Polo
  • Athletics
  • Cross-Country
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Squash
Arts & Culture

Music, Art and Drama education is at the heart of our curriculum.

Our teachers are specialists in their fields and all boys are given a rich cultural education. The boys' artwork adorns the school, they are all given the opportunity to perform on the stage, and they all learn to play at least two musical instruments during the course of their education at the Preparatory School. In addition, we enjoy performances by our extremely talented orchestra, our recorder group, our bells groups, guitar and percussion groups, and our choirs. We offer individual tuition in brass, woodwind, string and percussion instruments, as well as in piano and voice.


Our club activities give boys the chance to develop hobbies and interests that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Club options vary from term to term and are determined by interest and demand, but usually include cookery, painting, woodwork, papier mach´┐Ż and electronics in the Junior Prep, and horse riding, chess, photography, kites, decoupage, ceramic painting, dance, candle making, fabric painting, cookery, general knowledge, sports trivia, model building, backstage crafts, percussion, electronics, volleyball, scuba diving, squash and golf in the Senior Prep.

Community Partnerships

We ensure that Clifton boys are involved in their wider community and that they appreciate the opportunities which are given to them to serve others. In the Prep School we have established meaningful partnerships with local and rural pre-primary and primary schools that allow for interaction on the sports fields, in the classrooms and in cultural activities that enrich all of the pupils who participate.