Grades R - 3

We know that academic success in later years depends on a solid foundation. Our well-balanced and culturally enriched programme offers our boys the finest possible start.

Grade R

We know that academic success in later years depends on a solid foundation. Our well-balanced and culturally enriched programme offers our boys the finest possible start.

In Grade R, we combine the enjoyment of free play with the excitement of learning. Our curriculum is constructed in such a way that boys are kept happy and busy throughout their day and develop a real understanding of the importance of play and a love of learning.

Confident, Curious & Creative

Our fantasy, outdoor and creative areas provide for the boys' physical, intellectual, social and emotional development and, in addition to the key learning areas of Mathematics, English Home Language and Life Skills, Grade R boys are exposed to Information Technology, Music, Art, Drama and Ball Skills.

Our boys are taught according to individual strengths and become confident, curious and creative individuals.
The Clifton Difference

  • Small Classes - Individual Attention
  • Specialist Teachers
  • Nurturing After-Care Centre
  • The THRASS Literacy Programme
  • Fantasy Cognitive Outdoor & Creative Areas
  • A Flexible & Interactive Learning Environment
  • Development of Sporting Skills
  • Grade R Boys in their Own Space
  • Happy, Confident & Busy Boys
  • A World of Wonder & Excitement
  • A Whole School Community
Discover Learning In Every Activity

Not only do our boys have access to a fine Grade R facility but they are also introduced to life in the Preparatory School, where they visit the Information Technology Centre, the Media Centre and our Music Centre


Our Sports Curriculum meets the specific needs of the Grade R boys. Our boys are introduced to swimming and ball skills by specialist teachers and coaches and the foundations for life-long exercise are laid at an early age.

Our After-Care facility and Afternoon Programme is operational in the afternoons and allows the boys to enjoy supervised activities in a safe and caring environment.
Whether inside or outdoors, our boys discover learning in every activity they encounter.

Grades 1-3

The journey from our Grade R classrooms to our Junior Preparatory School is enjoyable and exhilarating.
Our experienced teachers, who are committed to child-centred education, ensure that your son's introduction to formal learning is adventurous, inspiring and fun. We believe that happy children learn best and our classrooms are caring, nurturing and exciting places, where a spirit of enquiry and commitment to excellence prevails.

Our small classes enable teachers to focus on the needs of each individual in their care. We expect the best from every boy and we provide the environment in which that is possible. It is at this level that we establish the grounding in the academic and social skills that are needed to develop a lifelong love of learning.

A Challenging & Inspiring Learning Process

We offer a curriculum that is broad, exciting, innovative and holistic and we give a distinct focus to each of the academic, social, cultural, sporting and spiritual aspects of your son's development.

Traditional values and modern methodology combine to provide a solid foundation for our boys' education. Class teachers are responsible for the teaching of the basic core subjects of Mathematics, English Home Language, Afrikaans First Additional Language and Life Skills and we introduce specialist teachers in isiZulu, Music, Physical Education, Information Technology.

Your son's day will be enriched, busy and fulfilled.